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Nimr Contracting Co.LLC was founded in 1988 as per guidelines of community Contractor(LCC).setup under the aegis of the Govt. of Oman and Petroleum development Oman. Being the first company to be established as per the Local community Contractor guidelines, Nirm Contracting LLC adopted specific collective goal of building a large and diversified local company, by initially providing solutions to its customers and also offering employment opportunities to the local Omanies from the village area. Nimr Contacting Co. LLC started its operations in south of Oman based in Marmul and was covering from Bahaja to Harweel, when the first contract was awarded by the petroleum Development Oman(PDO) to the company in Nov. 1999.
Water Haulage
Hiring & letting of Cranes, forklift, tankers
Cargo Haulage
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